Al​-​Mumit Ha'Shamayim (Sky​-​Eater)

by Aerist

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Al-Mumit Ha'Shamyim (Sky-Eater)


released May 29, 2015

Album art created by Wisastra (Dwi) Nugraha at Genoicide Artwork.
Mixed and mastered by Alan Rigdon (The Artificials) at Study Sound Recordings.



all rights reserved


Aerist Washington, D.C.

I. This shattered structure. My will corrodes reality. Creation's fragile forms decay.

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Track Name: Al-Mumit Ha'Shamayim (Sky-Eater) Ft. Anthony Michelli
Beyond the clouds, the horde is circling
City of the sky
A corpse to carrion
Atop sundered form and structure
This façade is going to shatter
The deafening sound of countless wings beating will swallow your agonized screams
We are the mass, the hive, the endless tide
Beast with no name and thousands of eyes

And when I awoke I was aware of much, scattered across infinite forms
The insects crawling along the ground are oblivious to my gaze
I can taste their components
The stench of humanity permeates even the stratosphere
The raven’s eye opens
We descend

How can you dream of light when the sky is alive
Bit by bit and cell by cell, death by a thousand cuts
Death all the same

Release me...
We are released...

Ripped open
From the skies
Human Cattle

Al-Mumit Ha’Shamayim
Eater of Sky, Angel of Death
Space time fractured
Atoms ripped limb from limb from limb
All that remains is a carcass
Hung upon a broken and chipped skeleton
Crumbled into dust....Now....

The sky is alive....

Skies are the domain of the new masters of Primor
We are dead, all dead, we've lost our home
The reaping has begun
They blotted out the sun
Hallowed be this day
The new reign of Shinma